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At Dance Artistry we offer a full competitive program for dancers age 6+. Competitive routines in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, and pointe, are offered to various age groups and levels of training. These classes are all offered on our full term schedule (Sept-June).

Additional Choreography with Lucy MacIsaac 

SOLO   $250 (5h of class time)

DU0/TRIO  $200/dancer (5h of class time)

SMALL GROUP  $150/dancer (6h of class time) 4-9 dancers

***hours can be broken into various sessions

These routines may only compete under Dance Artistry 

OUTSIDE S/D/T/SM GROUP Choregraphy pricing is determined by instructor. Please see bottom 

of this page for guidelines regarding outisde choreography.


ELITE OPEN (Amey Rahey) $175 (open to dancers with 5+ years training age 12+ as of Jan 1 2025 *must be registered in all competitions, practice times TBA. Registration will be separate once details are confirmed.

JR & SR OPEN HIP HOP (Cathy from Dans Chaos Dance) $75 plus regular regular class registration. Routines  will be learned in early July and then rehearsed during our scheduled class time.

LARGE PRODUCTION (all travel competitive levels) ** must be registered in all competitions   FREE 

FULL STUDIO PRODUCTION (all competitive levels – only performed at local competitions) FREE  *must be registered in all local competitions. 



We will be participating as a full studio (groups & s/d/t) in 5 competitions. Local competitions should be considered mandatory with the exception of special circumstances. Travel competitions are optional. 

Danceabition Sydney 

Instep with Cape Breton

Elite Sydney

Limelight Halifax 

Mercy Halifax

***Dates/Deadlines are on the important dates page.  If for any reason we are not able to attend one of these events, a similar event will be selected. Addional competitions may be offered as an option but may not take the place of our full studio comps. 


  • Introduction to Dance (ITD) – Non Competitive

  • Mini Sparklers – Local Competitions only, All Competitions Optional

  • Mini Stars 1 – Local Competitions + One Travel Competition, All Competitions Optional

  • Mini Stars 2 – All Local Competitions Mandatory, Travel Competitions Optional

  • Competitive Levels 1+ - All Local Competitions Mandatory, Travel Competitions Optional

  • Adult Competitive – Local Competitions Mandatory, one optional Travel Competition

Optional comps mean that dancers may choose not to participate. Routines will be organized according to who will be attending to limit alterations between competitions.


If a dancer wishes to attend these comps they must register groups before adding S/D/T routines.


We will be offering the option for an additional pre-season weekend local comp (fall) and travel comp (march) to

anyone who is interested in entering S/D/T with the understanding that if they choose to participate, one or two groups may be added if all dancers are attending. EVENT TBA.

***These must be in addition to our full studio competitions so please consider that there is additional costs

associated with adding competitions.

Competitive dancers in groups must be registered in a technique class at Dance Artistry. Ballet exam classes are required for some levels and optional for others.

Beginner dancers are only required to add technique if they wish to participate in additional routines not in the beginner category.

Competing with multiple studios is not reccomended but may be permitted on a case by case basis. Please discuss your plans at registration to ensure that they are approved. Dancers with less than 5 years experience are not permitted to compete in groups with other studios. 

USE OF OUSIDE CHOREOGRAPHERS (for solo/duo/trio routines only)

~Outside Choreographers may be used for dancers with 5+ years of competitive experience. 

~Choreographers may not be affiliated with any other local competitive studio 

~Choreographers must be approved

~Music Choices must be approved and may not conflict with studio routines

~If choreography is taught at Area a discounted fee will be charged per hour for the instructor to use the studio and no additional fees will be charged 

~If choreography is taught at another location a $50 fee per routine will be charged to enter the Dance Artistry studio name for the competitive season (one fee/ season)

***routines choregraphed by Affiliate or Elite Choreographers (TBA) are not subject to additional fees


~Choreography done by choreographers affiliated with local competitive studios MUST be entered under that studio. This circumstance falls into the category of competing with multiple studios and this is not a guaranteed option for dancers beyond the 2023-24 competitive season. 

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